Guest blog by Natasha Rose

Natasha Rose hired Seven Mile to cook at her home to celebrate her husband’s birthday. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“I just want to say a big thank you to all at Seven Mile, my husband’s surprise 30th birthday dinner party was a HUGE success!!! I wanted to do something different, thoughtful and entertaining and this ticked all of those boxes.  I was able to invite as many people as I could cram around our dining room table, and entertain our guests in the comfort of our own home.  I chose my husband’s favourite meal, Beef Wellington, and I have to say it was by far the best we have ever tasted.  The Wellington was served with seasonal vegetables and dauphinois potatoes followed by a citrus cheesecake.  We were able to get involved in the cooking and to learn a few tips from Jake, our chef, who was very friendly and managed to keep us entertained throughout the evening with his culinary delights and cookery skills.  

I could not have asked for a better evening - fine food, friends and a great atmosphere. There was no stress and I was able to sit down, relax and enjoy the evening with my guests. We will definitely be using Seven Mile again in the future and heartily recommend them.”

Thank you so much Tash for your kind words, we look forward to cooking for you again. In the meantime, as a thank you, here’s Jake’s Beef Wellington recipe to try yourself:



Gluten free puff pastry

125g Gluten Free white flour mix

110g butter straight from the refrigerator

1tsp xanthan gum


50g cold water

1tsp lemon juice


400g good quality chicken liver

1 large white onion finely diced

300g butter

4 cloves garlic



Mushroom duxelles

6 Portobello mushrooms

2 garlic cloves

Salt and pepper


6 4oz good beef/venison fillet




Put flour, xanthan gum and salt in bowl.  Add lemon juice and mix in water slowly using a pallet knife.  Once dough has formed, roll into a ball, wrap in cling film and place in fridge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes remove and roll out dough.  Cut cold butter into very thin strips and layer in centre of the dough. Fold in half and half again. Place back in the fridge for 30 minutes. Once chilled roll out dough and butter mix into a rectangle and fold into thirds (book folds). Place back in fridge for 30 minutes and repeat the chill/roll out process at least four more times.


Sweat onions, garlic and thyme in large pan with 30g of butter. Once soft place into food processor and blend. Allow to cool in processor for 5 minutes. Add 360g of butter to processor and blend. In a hot pan on the stove, add the remaining butter and seal the livers. Add the port and reduce.  Add livers to processor and blend. (Leave course or go smooth depending on preference). Line pâté tin or loaf tin or any other suitable container with cling film and pour in mixture.  Place in fridge to set for at least 12 hours.

Mushroom duxelles

Crush two cloves of garlic, salt and pepper in pestle and mortar, add a little oil.  Coat the mushrooms with oil and garlic mix. Roast mushrooms in oven at 180°c for 10 minutes.


Choose either beef or venison and ask butcher for 4oz fillets.  In a red hot pan, seal fillet all round.

Finally once all of the ingredients are ready, roll out pastry and cut into six squares big enough to hold all ingredients inside. Place mushroom bottom side up then spread a good portion of pate onto of the mushroom. Then add your chosen fillet.  Finally fold pastry all round, sealing underneath. Place Wellington on baking tray lined with grease proof paper and bake in the oven for 18 minutes at 200°c.