A weekend of two halves

From the Chiltern Firehouse to two days of hard graft, this has really been a weekend of contrasts. As I sit here in front of a much needed fire, after a much needed shower, I feel very very lucky.

Firstly, I’m happy to report that the Chiltern Firehouse absolutely lives up to the hype – who would have guessed! The staff were extremely polite, friendly even, something you rarely see in London. And the food, well it would have even impressed Jake had he been there ;) We had the most incredible Iberico Pork, King Crab and an ice cream dessert that could only be described as a ‘party in my mouth’! My beautiful and talented friend Katrina took these great photos. Thank you to James for hosting and happy birthday to our darling Charlotte.

The second part of the weekend couldn’t be less glamorous or more exhausting – in fact, Jake said he has never seen me so dirty! Thermals on, drill in hand, we worked our socks off on the horsebox and made huge progress. She is now down to the bare bones and ready for a varnish, a paintjob and some new windscreen wipers and wing mirrors. Though she looks a bit sad and it’s hard for us mere mortals to see the potential, the biggest boost of the weekend came with the smile across Dad’s face (aka super-mechanic of the hour) as he explained that he can now see such strong and solid foundations that he is knows the end result is going to be spectacular. Whoop whoop!

Celeb hangout to filthy workout in one weekend…wouldn’t have it any other way.