Held together by cable ties

We normally post together, Jake and I, on recipes or what we have been doing and this will continue but as we have been away from the computer for a while, we thought an update was due. This is quite a personal post, about me and my part of the business and about the new phase we are about to begin.

As some of you may know, my husband and I had a little girl back in September. I can’t quite believe it has been nearly a year since Cressida was born but we only become more besotted by her as each day passes. Now, as you would imagine, having started the business in August 2014, spending January to September 2015 with chronic morning sickness wasn’t ideal. I was only able to work for short periods, though indeed those short periods included camping at a festival in the pouring rain with no bathrooms (not cool when you have to pee every five minutes) and knocking myself out on a barn door frame. Soon enough, I couldn’t even fit into the truck!

Cressida is a lot easier to handle on the outside so slowly things are getting back to normal and I’m able to work around her. A combination of nursery and my amazing mum means I have three solid days at my desk and you would be amazed how much you can fit it into a short week when you know you don’t have the luxury of five days. At this point, we must shout out to our mum Elaine, as without her, we would literally have fallen apart; the business would have folded and I would now be in an asylum.

So, as the next phase of Seven Mile begins, alongside the next phase of Leigh-Wood family life, I’m going to post about both; in the usual Seven Mile blog/Instagram feed and in a new feed called ‘a new-fashioned family’ which will be more about my experiences of how ridiculous life is when you are trying to run a business and a home, raise a child, keep a dog out of cow poop, and a husband out of trouble. To be honest, the circus that is daily life around here is, well, you just couldn’t make it up.

There are already a lot of ‘mum’ blogs/feeds out there already, where beautiful babies wake up looking like clean, rosy cheeked angels in pristine white bed linen in nurseries full of fresh flowers and fairy dust while their mothers are perfectly groomed at their perfectly stylish home office desk. Well this won’t be like that because our life is much more poop, mud, other peoples' junk, fryer oil, engine oil, white spirit and typing with one hand while your laptop is precariously perched on the back of a sleeping dog, while at the same time making some kind of baby food with the other hand and trying to stop the baby eating the dog biscuits with your feet.

Jake and I have a joke that we use cable ties for anything and everything; they really do hold us together. But hey, it works! The business is going from strength to strength and both Jake and I are raising confident, smart, brilliant children. Long may it continue!