How to Create the Perfect Festival Wedding - a guest post from our friends at Plato Catering Hire


The festival wedding theme has been one of the biggest wedding trends in recent years, and it’s become a favourite for couples who love the festival lifestyle, music fans, or for the bride and groom who just adore being outdoors! If you are planning a festival themed wedding for your special day, here are some easy ways to achieve a fun, fabulous festival atmosphere.

Hire a Food Truck

Hiring a food truck for your big day is a fantastic way of keeping the guests well fed and it’s such an authentic element to add to your festival wedding. Seven Mile’s renovated horsebox truck, Bodhi, is incredibly versatile and the kitchen can cook up almost anything. So you can wow your guests with signature bites such as their gluten-free cider battered Cornish Coley or a three course meal for al fresco dining in the summer. Other great ideas for your venue include ice cream trucks and prosecco trucks so guests can have easy access to the best refreshments.

Decorate the Venue with Bunting

Tepees and tents are extremely popular for outdoor weddings, especially if you’re trying to recreate your favourite outdoor festival. Because there are no guarantees with the British weather, so having an indoor area is always recommended. Decorate your indoor tent with bunting and colourful flowers to bring the outdoor festival feel, indoors. Bunting will also look wonderful outside the tent, pinned up against the trees and other freestanding structures.

Mix Bright Table Linen with Fun Décor

Colour is everything when it comes to the festival theme. Brightly coloured table linens, patterned table runners and fun centre pieces are all essential in evoking feelings of a festival atmosphere. And unlike many other wedding themes, this is one with no real style restrictions. So you can get creative, mix and match patterns, and curate wonderfully eclectic table settings. Swap the usual whites and neutral tones for pretty pinks, minty greens, sunflower yellows or pastel blues for the ultimate festival look.

Use Wild Flowers

Not only can wild flowers add an air of summer to your venue, but they are a great way to channel the bohemian festival theme successfully. Festivals are all about celebrating the outdoors and that includes the wonderful nature around us. Wild flower arrangements are known for their highly pigmented colours, their unapologetically bold and bright hues, their untamed foliage styles and their awe-inspiring fragrances that reconnect your guests with their surroundings. And don’t forget fresh flower crowns for the bridesmaids for the ultimate in wedding boho!

Serve Summer Cocktails

Nothing says ‘festival time’ quite like an ice cold beverage. Especially if that beverage is looking pretty in pink, is crammed with ice, is served in a quirky jar and comes with a red and white stripy straw! Stylised summer cocktails bring back the nostalgic memories of fairs, festivals and garden parties. Whether you decide to go hipster with your drinking apparatus or you opt for classic summer cocktails with fruity garnishes, a drink service outdoors is simply a must.