June Supper Club tickets are now available!

Friday, 15th June people - be there or be totally foolish for missing out on crab tostadas, pigeon Wellington and Longhorn beef from Upper Spernall Farm - when we say local, we mean local!

Tickets are available online via the supper club page, but hurry, the last one sold out straight away: http://www.sevenmile.co.uk/seven-mile-supper-club/

Further dates for your diary are Friday, 21st September and Friday, 16th November.

Also, you are about to get our GDPR email - sorry peeps, can't be avoided, but please sign back up as otherwise, you will miss out on all the news.

Finally, we are still on the lookout for awesome venues for our supper clubs and also, for a permanent home - let us know if you have any bright ideas!

See you in June and enjoy the sunshine everyone!