Festive Food

A Festive Favourite...

With just over one week to go until the big day, we thought it was about time we shared one of Jake's festive favourites - Bubble and Squeak. A perfect solution for Christmas day leftovers, whilst curing even the fuzziest of heads!


1. Chop your leftover vegetables into 1cm pieces (chunkier if you prefer)
2. Mash the leftover potato (or make some new if needed - the potato is essential as it holds everything together)
3. You will need a small amount of leftover gravy (or again, make new if needed) - enough to make the mixture moist, not wet
4. Add the leftover cranberry bacon stuffing (see recipe in the last blog post)
5. Mash it all up together
6. Make patties from the mixture and pan fry in butter until coloured on each side
7. Put in the oven 180 degrees for 8 minutes


These are always a personal choice but we highly recommend a fried egg, streaky bacon and hollandaise sauce (homemade if you are feeling brave!)

As always do let us know how you get on by sharing your pics on the Seven Mile social media channels!

Merry Christmas,

Janine and Jake x