Ever had a dinner party and spent all night sweating in the kitchen? Or felt totally frustrated by the hassle of reservations, finding babysitters and transport? Having your own chef is not just for the rich and famous. Why not let Jake, our wandering chef, come to your home and provide a culinary experience for you to enjoy, as well as your guests. 

Jake cooked an amazing meal for us whilst we were staying in a cottage in the Forest of Dean. The food was amazing and he even managed to cater for a few in the group who had a food intolerance, at no notice. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending him to friends or using him again.
— Izzy Gladstone, Bangkok

We will work with you to design a menu of great British classics, or use local produce to create an international feast. We can even make the evening fully interactive with demonstrations and a talk about the provenance of the menu. 

We can also join you on holiday or weekends away so that you can spend your time relaxing or exploring instead of cooking! Again, we will use local produce to create a seasonal menu so you can create memories of taste as well as sight and sound.