Our Philosophy

After years of experience, working all over the world, I have learned how important it is to make the most of what you have. This is why I want to focus on paring back to the great British dish. This doesn’t mean just fish & chips or Sunday roasts, it’s more about focusing on what’s available in the area and bringing out the best in that produce. Sourcing seasonal, local ingredients from local farms and small suppliers. We call it ‘new-fashioned cookery’ – and we think it will catch on.
— Jake

This philosophy stands for all parts of our business; we love to work with genuine, local suppliers, supporting local enterprise and craftsmanship. Our style is traditional, classic, but again with a twist. We recycle wherever possible and prefer to use items that either we, or our clients, already own rather than buying new. You would be amazed at how we can transform a space using everyday things that just need a bit of TLC.

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Janine Leigh-Wood

If I had a super power, it would be to organise the entire world. Planning, scheduling, list making, colour coding – these are a few of my favourite things.

My other obsession in life is mealtimes; where and when will the next one be, what kind of carbs will be included, will there be leftovers…I like to plan at least three meals ahead at all times. Discovering that I had Coeliac disease in 2006 only added to the challenge!

Having spent nine years as an Executive Assistant, living in both London and New York, running an office, a household or an event is second nature to me. I have organised parties that have lasted three days, been tweeted about by celebrities and even re-carpeted an entire headquarters just for the night. I approach everything with military precision and take enormous delight in flawless execution. Living in New York taught me some particularly valuable lessons: firstly, that I’m not the only one obsessed with mealtimes, secondly, that anything less than perfection doesn’t count. Finally and most importantly, no is never an answer.

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Jake Mitchell

My career started over a decade ago under the guidance of the incredible team at, the then Conran owned restaurant, Zinc in Birmingham. I was hooked from day one! Since then, cooking has taken me all over the world, picking up new skills and new cuisines along the way.

I have run a number of my own kitchens, including the re-launch of a popular Cotswold gastro-pub where I focused the menu on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to recreate some great British classics, with immediate and longstanding success. For the past two years, I have turned my hand to teaching, through the UK’s biggest training provider. Passing my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for good food on to young, aspiring chefs is incredibly rewarding.

Now it’s time to get back in the kitchen myself. Seven Mile is a way for me to explore my love of seasonal, locally sourced food and cookery. Whether I am cooking for two people or 200 people, in a private home or at a local country fair, I invest every hour of experience, every skill learned and every ounce of enthusiasm I have. Plus, I have an elaborate wardrobe of chef hats, which really deserve to be showcased!